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Slogging through the final book of The Fantasmagorical Forest trilogy

Back to working


It's been a while due to family illness since I've posted any news.

I'm currently working on Book three of The Fantasmagorical Forest. This is the final book in the trilogy and I'm excited to wrap up all the questions that have swirled around since book 1.

Katelin is going on the most important, and dangerous adventure since coming to the valley and entering the forest.

Stay tuned for all the answers.



The Fantasmagorical Forest Book 2


Now that Book 1 of The Fantasmagorical Forest is out, I am currently working on Book 2 and another adventure for Katelin. The time Katelin finds herself fighting along side Lauralene and Anion in their home world. The fate of all worlds lay in their hands.

I'll keep you updated.

New Book

Time management


Even though discussion forums are plentiful and topics are interesting, I begin to feel guilty for not working on my new book. I know, this is totally ridiculous.

Description - too little or too much

Making choices


How much of my time on the internet discussion groups and blogs is being productive?

I'm back

Teen Readers


Teens are becoming a major player in the world of book publishing.

Micro bursts and hurricanes

Social Media


The sheer number of sites out there that cater to writers is astronomical

Ebook marketing


I'm finding the marketing for an ebook is very different than that of a hard copy.

Editing for typos


Editing is a multiphase endeavor. From rewriting lines,. paragraphs, and entire chapters to checking for punctuation and misspelled words.

Getting to know YA


On the surface, it didn't seem all that different than writing for any other genre, but then the questions began. As I wrote, I would start thinking if the words would keep the interest of a young adult reader. Is the situation one that he/she might find themselves in? Then a shock of a thought came through. Although the story takes place in the 1930's, the circumstances could be the same no matter what decade they came about.

The major difference is the complexity of the story and the pacing of the scenes. And, of course, the use/non-use of certain words you will usually find in an adult novel.  When all was said and done, I felt the only way to answer all my questions was to let a teenage read it. The feed back was great and the story held up to the scrutiny of a fifteen year old boy. I feel comfortable letting my new book "Dirt" fly on its  own out there in the world of books. 

Finding stories everywhere


Just got back from New Orleans. Walking around Boubon street and seeing all the people started a flood of ideas for new stories.

Hard copy or digital


There is a raging debate as to the viability of the hard copy books vs. the new digital experience.

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