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Ebook marketing

I'm finding the marketing for an ebook is very different than that of a hard copy. It shouldn't be, at least that is what I thought. Not only am I in new territory with the whole ebook thing, but I my newest book out is YA, which is totally different than my other two.

With a hard copy there are always book signings, a  physical copy you can hold in your hands. Not so with ebooks. Can't go around holding a laptop up showing the book. Can't very well sign a readers screen -OMG. So how do you let the masses know you have a really great book out there waiting for them to download and enjoy?

Blogs and social media is one option. Not that I am very good at either of those two. I find my time to blog and visit media pages is limited. I spend so much time on writing books that taking time away from doing what I love to do is not always on my schedule. So I am hoping once a few readers take the time to read my latest book, Dirt, will spread the word and other readers will follow.

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