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Finding stories everywhere

Just got back from New Orleans. Walking around Boubon street and seeing all the people started a flood of ideas for new stories. The more exotic/wierd they appeared the more I thought of an idea. I think some of our greatest writers were people watchers.

Have you ever been walking down a street or in a building when you found yourself staring at someone thinking you could write a story about them without ever hearing them say a word? I believe most of us think that. So, I have tucked away some of the notes and pictures of my stroll on Bourbon street and hope to be able to use them one day.


I had a wonderful time taking my mom to Bourbon Street and showing her the heart of New Orleans. I am so proud of my mothers’ accomplishments; she has always been an inspiration, teacher and most of all an incredible mother to me. She has taught me to always stand tall and go forward no matter what your dreams may be you can accomplish anything you set out to do. Thank you mom for all you have taught me and for all your loving support! All my love your daughter, Jodi

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