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Hard copy or digital

There is a raging debate as to the viability of the hard copy book vs. the new digital experience. Some say the age of the hard copy book is disappearing by way of the dinosaurs, slowly and with little noise.

I do love the portability of the digital book readers. They are undoubtedly less cumbersome, and you never have to worry about spilling your drink or lunch on the white pages. But you do lose the feel of the weight of a book. Not just the physical weight, but the weight of all the long hours it took to produce it. The smell of the pages and binding. It becomes a possession, something you keep, share, or give away. Whereas the digital download becomes one in a long list of choices, impersonal and quickly forgotten amidst all the other grabs from the world of digital download.

There is a lot to say for both choices, good and not so good. But I believe no matter how convenient the digital world becomes, human nature will require the personal touch of items they enjoy.


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