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Let me start by saying I have ignored this blog for a while while I immerse myself into the social media world. I have to say it has been a real experience. The sheer number of sites out there that cater to writers is astronomical. I have found some rather good ones that offer a great deal of information and then there are those that offer a great deal about the author and no substance for the reader.

So where is the middle ground that those of us who spend the majority of their time writing and not surfing? I posed this question on one of the forums I visit and found some very interesting comments and suggestions. The consensus is that you pick a few good ones that are professional and contain content that either enhances your writing and stay away from those that are not. Spend a specified amount of time and then stop. That is sometimes easier said than done since your never know which ones you have missed that could have an impact on getting the word out about your book and your writing.

So I am making my list, determining the amount of time I can allot to this and try to stick to it. I need to stop feeling guilty about taking the time away from my writing. I have become excited about the new book I am working on and need to keep that exciment going until the last  page is written, edited, and published.

I will let you know how well I am sticking to my schedule.


First, let me say your new book Dirt sounds very interesting. I have so many on my list already but I'm adding, Dirt. I haven't checked yet, but hopefully it will be on Kindle. You are right there are so many sites it's hard to keep up. It also takes us away from our writing which is painful in a way. If I need help on something I do a search, otherwise I enjoy hearing about author's personal lives, or thoughts, although I find it difficult to post my own. Nice website.

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