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As a young child, I was abandoned in the wilderness of northern Montana. To this day, I do not know what caused my parents to do such a thing. Times were tough and some people found it difficult to deal with their problems while caring for a child. I suppose I should have died. But even as a child, I was too ornery to let their act of indifference set me back. My indignant screams finally brought an old Indian to my side.

 With wizened eyes, he studied my squalling self for some time before picking me up and taking me to his cabin. There he raised me as a father would until I was old enough to find me way in the world. While with Atawa, I learned the simple way of living with the land and came to appreciate my self-reliance and strengths.  I eventually came down from our mountain and entered the world.

 Not really. Sounds good though. I may just use it in one of my books.

 Born in Connecticut, raised in Florida, and lived all over the country. My residences almost match my careers. I began as a nurse and went back to school for an engineering degree. Then on to finance and technology. Diverse, yes. Satisfying, no. My real love was writing.

 I am just your average person filling up my own personal space in today’s exciting world. I have always immersed myself in books from a very young age. Traveled to exotic locales and fought for the good side in the land of words written by those who crafted a story that enthralled and entertained.

 I don’t write in any particular genre. When I discover a story tumbling around in my head, whatever the genre, I write it. The greatest enjoyment in writing is when the characters begin to steer the story in their own direction. It is truly exciting to find yourself cruising along with your central character, discovering new areas of the book coming not from my own conceptions, but riding the story that evolved through my characters. I couldn't imagine doing anything else besides writing – books are magic. The world of fiction is so much more exciting than anything you could imagine in everyday life.

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