Slogging through the final book of The Fantasmagorical Forest trilogy 

After several family emergency issues and holidays, I am finally making headway to finishing the final book in The Fantasmagorical Forest trilogy. I'm not sure if the time it's taking to complete this book is because of so many outside issues or because I don't want to leave Katelin's story.  

No matter the reason, it's getting done and I'm surprised at the new twist that came to me as I was working on a chapter. And as with so many chapters, I find myself immersed in the new path Katelin takes me on.


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Back to working 

It's been a while due to family illness since I've posted any news.

I'm currently working on Book three of The Fantasmagorical Forest. This is the final book in the trilogy and I'm excited to wrap up all the questions that have swirled around since book 1.

Katelin is going on the most important, and dangerous adventure since coming to the valley and entering the forest.

Stay tuned for all the answers.



The Fantasmagorical Forest Book 2 

Now that Book 1 of The Fantasmagorical Forest is out, I am currently working on Book 2 and another adventure for Katelin. The time Katelin finds herself fighting along side Lauralene and Anion in their home world. The fate of all worlds lay in their hands.

I'll keep you updated.

New Book 

I'm excited to say that my newest book is almost complete with the latest edit. Working with a artist for the final book cover. No matter how much I have thought about this book as I was writing it, I had so many ideas of what I wanted on the cover. There is so much to consider when designing a cover - it should reflect in a picture what the book is about, or at least give a hint.

It is true that many judge a book by its cover. How many of us look at a title then the cover before even opening up the flap…

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Time management 

I've come to realize that managing my writing, blogging and discussion forums is a full time job. Getting my name and books out there to get myself known takes more of my time than to actually write a book - forget about the time necessary to edit. There are times when I feel I have a lot to say about writing and publishing, then there are times I can't think of one interesting comment I can make.

 Even though discussion forums are plentiful and topics are interesting, I begin to feel guilty for not…

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Description - too little or too much 

Recently took part in a discussion concerning how much is too much description in a book. There were quite a few differing opinions, but the consensus came down to description is fine unless it become "heavy handed". So, who is to say what is heavy handed - the writer or the reader. I say the reader.

As readers, we become immersed in the story and may not want to be jolted out of the experience by a lengthy description of place, object, history or techno explanation. Then again, there are readers who…

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Making choices 

I have found that making choices of which website, blog or discussion group I should take my time to add my two cents worth is getting more difficult. So many places to visit and not a lot of time. While many are wells of information and I learn something each time I visit, others appear to be a convenient place for some writers to spend the whole day going back and forth adding their own personal views on a certain topic. Some try to impress the others with their vast knowledge of past writers, some of…

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I'm back 

I've been gone from this blog for a few months now. Not that I haven't wanted to jot down some words of wisdom, but between working on my new book and catching that nasty bug going around, I've pretty much been away from this site.

While working on my new YA book, I've discovered an entire new language. Now the dictionary doesn't list most of the words and not everyone speaks the new (maybe old by the time the book is out) language. I have found it very interesting the way two or more words are shortened…

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Teen Readers 

Writing for the teen generation has brought a whole new apprecition for teen readers. They seem to have a sophistication for the written word more so than when I was a teenager. Granted, the most read books written today for the teen generation are , for the most part, vampires, paranormal, or love lost. Even these genre's develope a following that is akin to modern romance novels teens read during the 50's and 60's.

The stories today are so much more involved and engaging with none of the fluff we would…

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Micro bursts and hurricanes 

Been dealing with storms here in central florida last week with major damage around my house and now watching Isaac since my daughter lives in New Orleans.

Not going to post until all is clear and I can relax. Stay safe everyone.



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