Making choices

I have found that making choices of which website, blog or discussion group I should take my time to add my two cents worth is getting more difficult. So many places to visit and not a lot of time. While many are wells of information and I learn something each time I visit, others appear to be a convenient place for some writers to spend the whole day going back and forth adding their own personal views on a certain topic. Some try to impress the others with their vast knowledge of past writers, some of which I have never heard of and quite frankly, could care less about their take on writing rules. These writers are long dead and their form of writing would be hard pressed to make it in today's fierce market.

So, do I continue to scan the various topics on the discussion lists or forego the daily ritual of trudging through each discussion to find one interesting enough to spend time on. I've decided to limit myself to thrity minutes a few times a week on website groups and spend the rest of my time doing what I consider a labor of love - writing.

I'm currently working on a new YA book that mixes today's teens with lore of bygone days. So far the response from my writers group is favorable and enough enthusiasm to keep me banging away on these keys. Now, away from the internet and back to my fiction.

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