Slogging through the final book of The Fantasmagorical Forest trilogy

After several family emergency issues and holidays, I am finally making headway to finishing the final book in The Fantasmagorical Forest trilogy. I'm not sure if the time it's taking to complete this book is because of so many outside issues or because I don't want to leave Katelin's story.  

No matter the reason, it's getting done and I'm surprised at the new twist that came to me as I was working on a chapter. And as with so many chapters, I find myself immersed in the new path Katelin takes me on.

As you may notice, I've added a new section "Portal to Dirt for Educators". A teacher who read my book Dirt loved it and wanted to develop a lesson guide for teachers to use the book to teach history, literature and geography. It is now live and we are hoping to receive some positive feedback in regard to the program. I'll update here when I have some news.

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