Teen Readers

Writing for the teen generation has brought a whole new apprecition for teen readers. They seem to have a sophistication for the written word more so than when I was a teenager. Granted, the most read books written today for the teen generation are , for the most part, vampires, paranormal, or love lost. Even these genre's develope a following that is akin to modern romance novels teens read during the 50's and 60's.

The stories today are so much more involved and engaging with none of the fluff we would often see. Now, we combine love with the added component of blood sucking vampires and teeth nashing werewolves. But they are so much more than what we would think on the surface. J.K. Rowlings started the trend with her Harry Potters series.

I believe whatever the story line, we should be grateful our teenagers and young adults are picking up books and reading them, and hoping the habit stays on through their entire life.

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