Time management

I've come to realize that managing my writing, blogging and discussion forums is a full time job. Getting my name and books out there to get myself known takes more of my time than to actually write a book - forget about the time necessary to edit. There are times when I feel I have a lot to say about writing and publishing, then there are times I can't think of one interesting comment I can make.

 Even though discussion forums are plentiful and topics are interesting, I begin to feel guilty for not working on my new book. I know, this is totally ridiculous. I know so many other writers seem to be able to schedule their time so they can enjoy all that comes with writing. But I, on the other hand, appear to be able to give my full attention to only one portion of all this at a time. As you can tell, I do not add to my blog very often.

At this time, I am immersed in my new book and loving the way it is unfolding. The other day I introduced a new character, one I hadn't even thought of until I reached that point in the story. I love him and feel like I want to keep putting his words and adventures onto my computer screen.

Someone mentioned to me to schedule x number of hours to write and x number of hours to do all the other things. I tried that only to find when I start writing, I can't look at a clock. I write until I begin to feel as if I am forcing the words onto the page. That is when I stop for the day or even a few hours.

So I suppose I will have to forego some time on the internet  until I have reached a point in my book where I can take a breather and hit a few of my favorite writing sites.

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