Katelin is off on another adventure through the fantasmagorical forest along with her friends the faeries and Piney the mole. This time the fate of the faeries home world is at stake and the danger is higher than ever before.

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       When fifteen-year-old Katelin is sent for the summer to her great-grandmother’s home in the Appalachian Valley, she has no idea how dramatic things can change in this remote place. Despising her time away from her friends, she spends her time being angry – that is until her Nana is kidnapped. Katelin and her brother, Simon, begin a frantic race to save Nana.

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When two children find themselves orphans during the Great Dust Bowl in Oklahoma, they learn the art of lying to stay together. Fighting hunger and the dust storms known as black blizzards, they find a good heart is sometimes disguised and a stranger is not someone they can trust.  

Follow Sammy and Birdie as they struggle to survive during one of America's darkest times.


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A fast paced story of betrayal, love, choices, danger, and the truth none of us really want to know. If Truth Be Known swings from a life of intrigue and rules to the seamy side of life in a Colorado prison, and finally to a run for his life while Casey Garret deciphers the clues to the mysterious symbol he finds in a cave in Mexico.

   An accident on a deserted highway in New Mexico, a beautiful woman, her brother, and an attempt on his life, become the catalysts to unlocking the mystery of the carving. Convinced the carving is actually a map to an ancient Mayan city, they head into Mexico in search of the final clues. Old foes and new enemies    present constant obstacles, keeping them on the run. They are soon to discover the answer to the oldest question mankind has asked: Where do we come from?


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For Benny
 is a powerful story about a mother’s bond with her child, loss, revenge, and love. A momentary loss of attention sets into motion a devastation Jennifer could never have dreamed in her worse nightmare and drives her into a decision that can only result in the destruction of her own life.


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