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   Katelin’s summer in the valley is interrupted when a stranger appears in the forest, and he’s a Faery, like Lueraleene. Katelin has had a relationship with the Faeries for the last three years, ever since she first came to the valley and the fantasmagorical forest. Faeries are normal here in the forest, except Lueraleene is supposed to be the only one of her kind in this world. When they learn the Faerie’s world, the beautiful land of Suweiland, is threatened by Wren, brother of the late Lord Brin, they must rush to home to secure the last item Wren needs to control all the magic — good and dark.

During their journey through the land of Suweiland to reach the Orb, Katelin finds herself falling for Anion. But he’s a Faery and humans and Faeries don’t mix. Sadly, she knows that at the end of this quest, she has to return to her own home and leave him in the Faeries world. Or does she?

Another summer and another adventure. Katelin can’t seem to come to the valley without finding herself in a dangerous situation and rushes headlong into it without thinking twice.         

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   Devastated by the death of her father, fifteen-year-old Katelin fills her days being the center of attention with her friends to make up for her grief. Just days before the first anniversary of her father’s death, her mom drops the worst news possible. She and her younger brother Simon are being sent for the summer to their great-grandmother who lives in a valley in the Appalachian Mountains.

Discovering the magic of the forest surrounding the house filled with talking birds and faeries, along with the entrance to the world of Dhumfeld inhabited by trolls, fail to lighten the emotional turmoil raging inside of her.

That is until Nana is kidnapped by an angry troll from another world. Now Katelin and Simon must enlist the help of the fairies and birds from the fantasmagorical forest along with the gentle trolls from the world of Dhumfeld in a frantic race to rescue her.

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 In 1933 the Great Depression and Dust Bowl brought devastation to thousands of people. For thirteen-year-old Sammy Larkin, it made him an orphan. Refusing to allow the state to take his seven-year-old sister, Birdie and himself from their farm, he decides to do the impossible - live as if his parents were still alive.



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