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The history of our country can be taught best by involving the student with a story in which they can become invested. An historical novel allows readers into the lives and conflicts of an era. Students can identify with the struggles and accomplishments of these characters while learning and understanding the immediate world surrounding them.


 Who can use these Guiding Questions?

Teachers are invited to use these tools whether in Public, Charter, Independent, Homeschooling, Museum environments or book clubs. 

A guiding tool for one-on-one teaching or group discussions concerning the story line, the historical context, literary analysis, and many social issues that come forth from social crisis. 

Grade and reading levels: 6-12 grades, Young Adult and Adult

Genre: Historical Fiction

Related Topics:
American Literature, Social Studies, American History, Economics,

Team Teaching:
Team teaching between social studies/history and English/Literature; team
teaching between an English/Literature teacher and a Science teacher.



Social Issues
Food Insecurity
Foster Care

Survival in crises

Concept and symbols of home

Land conservation

Child Labor Laws
Economic Disasters

Societal Isolation Psychology
Suicide and Depression

Animal-human relations 
Service animals

School closures in times of crisis and its effect

Societal Isolation and Crime
Role of Community Leaders


Included in the Educator's Packet:

  • Guiding questions and authors answers for educators
  • Suggested projects or activities
  • Lesson Plans
  • The full course will be provided free of charge with an order from the school for copies of the book for students along with a free copy of the book for the teacher.
  • This course is designed by an educator and is detailed differently for middle school and high school students.


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