Lesson plans for age groups


*These lesson plans were developed by a life-long educator who has a love for teaching and the art of developing a story.* 

The following is a sample of the lesson plans

Lesson Plans:

3 1/2 weeks to 1 month (16 lessons)


Classes 1 & 2  Pre-unit to reading: 2 classes(Conservation, Geography, History, Literature)

Class 1:

Guiding Question Number 1: What is the geography of the Dust Bowl. 

         a. Review the geography of the Dust Bowl either as a class activity, with Internet access

             or as a home assignment, which can be shared in class.

         b. Create Power Point of photos of Dust Bowl. Focus on Oklahoma.

         c. Read aloud “Prologue” in class, with power points of Dust Bowl as a backdrop.

Guiding Question 2: What are the environmental safeguards to prevent this type of disaster

           from reoccurring?

         a.Have speaker from environmental agency or organization come to class to discuss

           land conservation and what caused the Dust Bowl.

Guiding Question 3. How do the descriptions of the setting create the mood for the novel?

         a. Find the setting’s descriptive and emotional words. What is the opening mood?

         b.Trace the evolution of the setting’s emotions to the emotions of Sammy and Birdie in

            the opening 3 chapters.

Full lesson plans included with purchase of class books




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